SHIBA INU BOOK – english version book about Shiba

An unusual guide about an unique breed of dog – Shiba

Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted a dog. Not an ordinary dog, but a small samurai – Shiba Inu. This is how the story begins, and how did it go on?

The book is divided into six chapters, including four appropriate titles: History, Puppy, Adult Dog, Shiba in Pop Culture, which Psiamatka gave meaningful subtitles to: Love, Trust, Fit, Joy.  The author understands them as necessary components of a successful relationship with the dog.

Although the book is basically about the Shiba Inu breed, the much more important task I set myself was to show you how to create a successful relationship with your dog. The names of the four main subsections of the book: Love, Trust, Fit and Joy are for me the components of such a bond. When deciding on a pet, we take responsibility for another creature so different from us, who came to live in a reality created by humans – says the author of the publication.

SHIBA INU BOOK is a proposition for all those who dream about Shiba but are a bit afraid. For those who want to create a successful relationship with their dog.

The whole is complemented by a collection of photographs (Magdalena Sikora, Sabine Pecqueur, Monika Dawid, Julia Berbecka, Edyta Gajewska, Zuzanna Rutkowska, Magdalena Trebert, Iwona Sokołowska, Maksymilian Nesterenko, Dorian Buksa, Darek Sterczyński) and graphics by the artist Anna Sitnikova.

Graphic by the artist Anna Sitnikova


Tora Niwa Kennel – photo Magdalena Sikora

For dessert – Collection of Photographs, private collection and photos of dogs from Mukashibanashi Kennel, Tora Niwa KennelChuken Kiku Kensha and  Zakątek Izi FCI.

Release date 5.09.2020 – birthday of my beloved dog Noah. Pre-order now on AMAZON.COM 


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